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About The Miami SkyLift

At last, Miami is introducing a public elevated sightseeing platform, the Miami SkyLift, for everyone to view the city from above!  This unique amusement ride is the perfect way for young and old to experience Miami. 

This passenger carrying helium balloon is tethered by a high tenacity steel cable attached to an electrical winch system that extends to elevate the balloon up to 500 feet. During the approximate 15-minute guided ride, up to 30 passengers will get an exhilarating view of downtown Miami, its suburbs, and the surrounding beaches and islands.

Rides will also be offered at night. Its internal illumination system will light up the balloon like a giant moon in the night sky.

The Miami SkyLift will also be available for private and corporate events for up to 1000 people. Its prime location on the shores of Biscayne Bay makes it an excellent venue for weddings, business receptions, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

Currently, there are over 30 helium balloons of this type operating successfully in major cities worldwide, including London, Acapulco, Philadelphia, Mexico City, Niagara Falls, and others.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Is the Miami SkyLift a guided ride?

A: Yes, a balloon operator/guide accompanies visitors on every ride to point out landmarks, provide information about Miami's interesting history, and answer questions.
Q: What is a tethered helium balloon?

A: It is a helium filled balloon that is connected to the ground by a high tenacity steel cable.
Q: Is there a difference in temperature between ground level and 500 feet up in the air?

A: The difference in temperature is minimal if at all.
Q: Is the Miami SkyLift wheelchair accessible?

A: Yes.
Q: How long is the ride?

A: The average ride will take up to 15 minutes.
Q: What is the gondola?

A: The gondola is the structure that holds a maximum of 30 passengers. It is shaped like a “doughnut” and permits passengers to move freely around the aerial walkway.
Q: What can we take on the ride?

A: Regular sized handbags are acceptable. Backpacks or large objects are not permitted.
Q: Is there an age or height limit?

A: No.
Q: Is the Miami SkyLift venue available for private functions?

A: Yes. Please refer to the "Events" tab.
Q: What is the visibility from the Miami SkyLift?

A: On a clear day, visibility extends to 30 miles.
Q: Is helium combustible?

A: No.

Q: Who is the manufacturer of balloons such as the Miami SkyLift?

A: The Miami SkyLift balloon was manufactured by world-famous engineer and balloonist, Mr. Per Lindstrand. Lindstrand Technologies is based in Oswestry, England.
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